Inverters are bigger versions of UPS devices. A UPS typically protects your equipment from a sudden electricity surges or when the power goes off. It will give you time to turn off your equipment properly to avoid it getting damaged. An inverter is something similar except with bigger external batteries that are expandable and will allow you to run your equipment during load shedding.

One of the biggest issues facing small to medium sized business is downtime during load shedding. We are being told that load shedding is here to stay so companies need to find cost effective solutions that allow them to keep running while there is load shedding.  Here at Vertica we have a dedicated and specialized team that can assist you in finding the correct inverter solution. From supplying inverter systems to installation and maintenance, we can assist with all your requirements.

Why get an Inverter from us

  • Noiseless, Fuel and Maintenance Free
  • High Charging Current for Quick Recharging- Up to 5 times faster
  • Battery Expansion Capability to Increase Runtime
  • Direct installation into DB board
  • Auto Changeover
  • Automatic Voltage Regulator(AVR) giving cleaner current to better protect your equipment
  • Small in Dimension
  • Connect to solar panels for off the grid solutions
  • Generator Compatible Allows Longer Runtime
  • Customised battery cabinets to save space

The setup we offer can include the addition of more batteries to prolong the power usage if load shedding times increase, we can also incorporate solar panels into the system to get you started on the road to going completely off grid and self-sustaining your own electricity supply without having to worry about Eskom.

Inverter models and solutions


After you have contacted us, we will do a site visit so that we know exactly what it is that you need. We will then go through the best placement of the system as well as the most cost effective way of installing the system. It is important for us to test the  the usage in Watts for the equipment you want to keep running through load shedding to make sure we install the correct unit.

Customised battery cabinets

In addition to supplying and installing your inverter system, we can also customise a battery cabinet to suit anybody’s needs.

Battery cabinets not only make the installation look better but also assist in saving valuable space on the installation.

Ask us about the options we can supply and how we can make it fit in with your needs.

Installation Time

We can normally do an installation in one day so as to minimize any inconveniences. We can also schedule our installation on the weekend so there is no downtime at your office.

Rent an Inverter system from us

The same as renting printers we are now offer our client the opportunity to rent inverters from us. We will supply the unit and install it. We will also offer remote support and this will all be included in the rental price. There will be no additional costs.

We offer our clients rental periods of 24, 36 and 60 months depending on the client’s requirement.




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